WhatsApp templates saves a lot of time

Use WhatsApp blanks So-called “Highly Structured Messages” are a type of message that companies can use to send announcements, customer satisfaction surveys, and other frequently used messages. Setting the most frequently used content in . Specifying the appropriate variable parameters is easier than recreating the entire post when using the API every time you use the same post content. You can also use these predefined WhatsApp templates in LiveAgent. 6. Surveys (ask for feedback) It’s no secret that customers expect businesses to act upon feedback. For them, a customer satisfaction survey is often a way for them to communicate their pain points and issues.

customer reviews are an invaluable source of data

On the other hand, for companies . WhatsApp is a great tool to collect customer feedback, know their sentiment and solve any problem through two-way communication. Feedback and suggestions feature in help desk software – LiveAgent Businesses using WhatsApp for UAE Phone Number Data Customer Service – Examples Let’s take a look at some examples of well-known companies using WhatsApp as their customer service channel. Nes uses WhatsApp for customer communication along with other social media channels.

They offer 24/7 customer support

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You can get flight information and updates directly on your mobile via WhatsApp. KLM Royal Dutch airlines homepage 2. Adidas This retail giant uses WhatsApp not only as a customer service but also as a successful marketing channel. Since 2015, adidas Finland phone number database has been using this platform to communicate with customers face to face, as well as to promote various marketing campaigns. Adidas customer support  The well-known travel agses WhatsApp to spend time communicating with customers. Apart from chatting with customers, they use WhatsApp to provide notifications and updates about bookings and room availability.




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