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Let your customers know that you are available on WhatsApp While you don’t have to shout it from the rooftops. You should let your customers know that you have a new messaging platform where they can connect with you. So that they don’t forget to add you to their contact list so they can message you whenever they need help or have questions. with WhatsApp If you want to be a leader in your industry. Don’t forget to integrate WhatsApp with your help desk software . With a help desk solution like LiveAgent, all of your customer interactions turn into tickets that are assigned to the customer service team.

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A WhatsApp message displayed as a LiveAgent application WhatsApp integration with LiveAgent is easy. Open your LiveAgent account and click Configuration . Choose WhatsApp from the left panel and press the Enable WhatsApp button . Then go to WhatsApp numbers Turkey Phone Number Data and click on Add new number . Enter your Twilio or 360dialog account information here. Save the configuration and you’re good to go. Integrate WhatsApp with LiveAgent Check out LiveAgent’s brand-new WhatsApp integration and start providing the best customer experience to all your clients.

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The most common tasks with help desk software Providing a human touch to the customer is undoubtedly an essential part of excellent customer service . However, why not use a little automation when the opportunity exists. Automating mundane Estonia phone number database tasks can help your agents focus on more complex issues and prevent employee frustration. In addition, automation reduces human error and can save both time and resources. In LiveAgent, you can set various automation conditions to improve your response speed and help desk efficiency.



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