Uber Convenience is at the core

What Uber does, so it’s only natural to use WhatsApp in your daily customer interactions. You can get customer support, book a ride and even get a receipt via WhatsApp. Uber home page 5. LiveAgent Last but certainly not least, let’s talk about the LiveAgent help desk software . You can contact the LiveAgent customer support team 24/7 via WhatsApp.

LiveAgent recently added WhatsApp

In addition, integration to its help desk software so you can start using it in your business as soon as possible. Lock Everyone knows how important it is to stay in touch with your customers. If you want your business to thrive. It’s not just about answering UK Phone Number Data questions and solving urgent problems. Today, customers love to interact with a brand and it is the company’s responsibility to ensure that. This level of direct, personalized communication is difficult to achieve through legacy customer support channels.

WhatsApp to build and maintain strong relationships

Phone Number Data

Fortunately, you can use platforms like  with your customers. WhatsApp customer service makes it easy for customers to see your business as a living, breathing France phone number database organism, not an abstract object that’s hard to reach. This great customer service feature allows you to provide real-time support, support chats, follow the customer journey and much more.


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