GPT AI is rapidly evolving and learning

Also, when you talk to GPT 3, the answers it gives may be someone else’s intellectual property, so it’s worth checking that they’re genuine. This can be great for short meta descriptions or tweets as long as you include keywords.  from previous failures, so answers may vary from day to day. While OpenAI’s recent SEO output has been mixed, improvements are already planned for future iterations. They could provide multiple capabilities such as chatbot integration, search engine capabilities and more. GPT-4 is already being planned, not to mention the competing artificial intelligence we expect from Google and other Silicon Valley giants.

ChatGPT and SEO This is the part where AI is really lacking: it can’t do keyword research. We asked the program several keywords related to artificial intelligence tools, and the results were not impressive. It produced a list of related words and phrases, which was a handy starting point, but keyword performance in SEMrush wasn’t all that great. A list of related search terms, regardless of their SEO, appears to have been created: ChatGPT test for SEO After further testing with our SEO tools, we found this list to be suboptimal. These were all keywords that were saturated with highly effective competitor content and showed random volumes.

Basically, it looked linguistically for the most frequently associated terms, rather than considering the potential of search engines. Also, while the AI ​​will give you a bunch of keywords if you ask, as soon as you ask for high-ranking keywords, it will tell you that it can’t and suggest you use SEMrush or Ahrefs instead: ChatGPT SEO output results This is an area where it could improve in the future thanks to machine learning algorithms, but for now it is better to try specialized SEO tools. You can supplement your work on ChatGPT with SEO keywords or ask it to synthesize some highly rated content for you, but the ethical aspects are still gray.


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