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There is no doubt that ChatGPT could accidentally create SEO optimized content because its main function is to search its database and the internet for good content to use as a result. However, the AI ​​side might need some tweaking, as well as asking the right questions.  Since we’ve already covered the data aspect, let’s talk about creative content. We ran some tests to see how well ChatGPT can work as a creative marketing tool. Here are the results when we asked it to write some advertising slogans: Creative copy of ChatGPT While it is by no means bad, I personally find it lacking in flavor and sounding like a standard marketing cliché salad.

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The source to draw from” are good slogans at best. We also did some tests with other products. Here is one of them, Coca-Cola: AI ad for Coca Cola I imagine ChatGPT putting on his best 50’s radio commercial voice and reading the commercials at a glance. Then we asked it to write a Pepsi ad, and it wrote almost exactly the same text: This indicated that GPT would write generic copy for various brands in a similar category. Why is this important? This proves that you may need to tweak your pitch a bit if everyone is using it for their ad copy (otherwise your work will look like everyone else’s, and you really don’t want to look lazy or be accused of plagiarism).

GPT’s insiders can be like Don Draper

The most interesting thing was that we commissioned GPT to create an emotional ad for Coca-Cola: Not bad. This experiment also shows that when needed, and may have a stockpile of information that is more responsive to specific calls. It may also have been fed the multi-style advertising and linguistic protocols that allow it to be produced. Our Verdict : Useful for a first draft copy if you feed the right prompts, even if the output is generic. However, the downside is that it repeats a lot of the same copy, and if your competitors use it too, you may all end up with similar sounding copy. It also doesn’t vary tone as well as you’d like, especially if your company has a unique tone of voice.


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