SEO and general marketing applications

Although GPT is a huge step forward in several digital applications, it opens up several possibilities in content creation. This article will look at its uses and pitfalls in writing, . Izstrādājis OpenAI , the main feature of this new artificial intelligence tool is the human-like interaction it provides, as well as the responsive design and ease of use. By entering a simple question, you can communicate with the GPT-3 system, and it provides intuitive answers that are derived from a few unnamed sources and are usually correct (with many exceptions). We tested SEO applications as seen by others and conducted some experiments to test the artificial intelligence.

Here are our conclusions

ChatGPT and future GPT artificial intelligence applications Many marketers are excited about the potential of these new AI tools ( we’ve covered other tools here ). We’ve also seen them experiment with SEO, creative content, images, web design and more. ChatGPT is useful in some of these areas, but lacking in others. Here’s what we’ve learned from the current iteration of GPT-3 (it’s constantly improving, so keep in mind that things are subject to change): ChatGPT is great for written content projects, but SEO applications can vary. It produces compelling sentences but lacks in the analytical department as it does not come with any analysis tools. This is great for generating headlines, but you’ll need to test them for SEO.

Artificial intelligence can write SEO-optimized content


This can be a great starting point to create some keywords that can be entered into SEMrush or Ahrefs, but keywords are rarely SEO-optimal. Artificial intelligence answers questions with stunning grammatical accuracy (but not without errors, falsehoods and inaccuracies). , but it can’t always understand the context that suits your needs. Another problem is that it may not be possible to reasonably expand on the topic. The content it produces is often generic, so use it only as a starting point (don’t copy it as such). Creatively, GPT uses a lot of linguistic clichés that make the written text incoherent.



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