Instant messengers mean everything these days

Can chatbots completely replace human customer service agents? The simplest answer is no. Chatbots should not be used to replace human support agents in the customer service industry. They should serve as helper agents so that they have more time to focus on higher priority tasks. I. WhatsApp in particular has become incredibly popular in the field of customer service and customer communication in general. In this article, we will discuss how we at LiveAgent use WhatsApp to improve communication and improve the overall customer experience.

Why LiveAgent uses WhatsApp for customer support

With WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or similar apps, customers have certain expectations for response rates. Since the nature of the interaction is essentially instant messaging, they have a reasonable expectation of receiving responses faster than via South Africa Phone Number Data email. On the other hand, most customers understand that the response rate is slower than when communicating via online chat.

LiveAgent Live Chat For example

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When emailing back and forth with a customer service agent, you have to write long letters, providing as much information as possible. Chances are, you’ll get it all figured out on the first try, but more often than not, you’ll get an email back saying you need Czech Republic Phone Number Database specific additional information you didn’t even know would be helpful. Instant messaging has a very practical purpose when it comes to customer inquiries. This type of communication allows customers to exchange short messages, providing partial information to support representatives.



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