WhatsApp integration you can receive

Although the conversation itself may consist of more messages, they flow more naturally. They are also generally more relaxed and many people find them friendlier and more approachable. This particular way of communicating with customers should be taken into account when setting up an app like WhatsApp as a new customer support channel. What are the channel restrictions? With  and respond to customer messages within 24 hours. However, if you want to start new conversations or reply to messages after 24 hours, you need to create WhatsApp message drafts.

A message from the same number

(same client) is always sent to the same application (as in WhatsApp mobile), unless the old application with the previous communication is deleted. The page (start URL) from which they initiated the communication or from which they received. Our contact information is not specified (as in the case of chat or the built-in contact widget). That’s how Spain Phone Number Data we do it We have an online chat widget on our homepage, as well as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. This allows customers to decide which communication channel to prefer. We have integrated separate WhatsApp numbers for different sales departments so that customers always know who they are talking to.

Chat agents can now view all applications

Phone Number Data

created through a WhatsApp channel with a single click on the application filter on the applications screen. We have created a separate SLA that includes 1 hour for both the first and subsequent responses. As soon as a WhatsApp application waits for a Danish phone number database response for more than a few hours. We have set a time condition that notifies the online agents so that we can maintain a higher response rate and not exceed the 24-hour limit. We have set up WhatsApp message templates .


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