EU ADA Foundation web design case study

They are useful for attracting viewers’ attention to your work and helping you stand out on the first page of Google. Make sure they are used in conjunction with links for maximum effect. Lead generation and SEO metrics to watch out for Lead Acquisition : Getting metrics for each channel. This can be further simplified by conducting introductory surveys for each customer you bring in with questions like “How did you find our website.

CTR stands for Click Through Rate

This is a great metric to measure how effective your marketing is. Keep measuring how many leads you’re getting versus how much you’re spending, especially Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number Data as you add more and more elements to your pages. This will allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of each element. CTR : . The number of clicks you get for each item you post is very important to measure your SEO effectiveness. You can optimize CTR visual exploration using heatmaps (see our  to see how useful this can be.

Create more engaging content

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Average Session Duration : If people aren’t staying long on your site, you either need to  or improve your UX and page speed. Atlēkušo lietotāju īpatsvars : Where are your visitors going? Figure it out and try to direct them to the right places. In this case, it would be directing Peru Phone Number Database them to sales portals. Lead Conversion Rate : Another performance metric to help you track. Hopefully this article has given you some ideas on how to increase your lead conversion rates.


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