Customizable Minuses Not all features are available

Main functions Salesforce Automation Features Customer support options Marketing automation features CRM project management and reporting Sales forecasting and analysis Customization options Social media integration Pluses Great for prioritizing business tasks Can be accessed from any internet connected device Beginner friendly  in the mobile app Does not support multiple email attachments Cena Nutshell has a 14-day free trial, but paid plans start at $19 per user per month (if you pay annually) or $22 per user per month (if you pay monthly). 21. Apptivo Apptivo is a cloud-based customer relationship management system that offers extensive third-party integrations for businesses of all sizes.

Some of its key built-in integrations

Include a powerful suite of tools that cover sales automation, marketing tools, and everything in between. This customer relationship management software primarily provides businesses with specific modules for managing customer contacts, leads, engagement opportunities and applications. Apptivo offers all the essential tools for campaign management, lead Italy WhatsApp Number Data segmentation and loyalty maintenance from the marketing side. Other additional apps you can choose to include in your Apptivo package include apps for generating expense reports, managing your cash flow, and controlling your licenses and insurance. Apptivo home page Who will it be good for? Any business that wants a multi-functional CRM software that is fully customizable and supports email marketing to take care of leads.

Main functions Customizable layout Control of customer

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Data throughout the customer lifecycle Customizable fields PDF invoice generator Native integration with G Suite. Duplicate interested party information detection system Pluses Easily customizable Great mobile interface Granular security features Best for Customer Luxembourg phone number database Relationship Lifecycle Management Minuses In general, performance slows down over time No extended API Cena Apptivo’s pricing package model includes a free trial package and various paid packages starting at $10 per month. 22. Capsule Capsule CRM primarily enables small businesses to organize customer data and manage customer profiles.


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