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There are different packages available to you, such as the Basic package costs $25 per user per month, the Professional package costs $59 per user per month, and the Business package is available at per user per month. 14. Nimble CRM solution that offers mobile sales automation features for SMBs. It works to populate customer profiles and interaction records from various , customer conversations, and social media activities. Its top features include deal control, sales funnel management, task management, contact management, and integrated social listening to effectively engage with specific contacts during and after outreach.

Nimble’s built-in Conditional Engine

Typically set up to learn user behavior and generate actionable data based on social signals that appear on the Today Page as top priorities and engagement opportunities. Home of Nimble Finder Who has it? Nimble is designed to make business processes faster India WhatsApp Number Data and give you more opportunities to find and retain customers, regardless of the size of your business. Main functions You can filter contacts. It can add social profile links to your contacts so you can find important information. It allows you to manage calendar events and tasks. It can automatically sync your staff’s emails, calendars, Google apps, Office 365 contacts and all interactions to provide up-to-date and accurate information.

Organizes all customer information in one place

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Pluses It stores and, so it’s easily accessible. With Nimble, you can create, edit and view your recordings anywhere on the Internet. It automatically provides information to help you organize your marketing needs. It has a friendly user interface. Minuses You can Kenya phone number database only send 100 emails at a time. It would be better to be allowed to send an unlimited number. It could move faster when working with multiple sales funnels at the same time. Cena Nimble offers a 14-day free trial (no credit card required) before you decide whether to pay for it. Subscriptions start at $19 per user per month if you pay all at once for a year, and $25 per month if you pay monthly.


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