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E-mail 8 steps to write good storytelling 1. Identify your audience and their needs. If you don’t know who you are writing for, why, or what problems your audience faces, then you won’t be able to create a good story. Let’s practice storytelling: how a marketer can create a story, come up with a character and interest potential clients Image from Free pik 2. Form a goal. Determine why you are creating the story. Tell about the company, share your experience, motivate the client to buy? Your plot and its presentation will depend on the goal. 3. Use real information. No matter how beautiful your story is, it will not be effective if customers do not see real reviews, cases, ideas, etc.

Think about the character

Just because you’re the narrator of a story doesn’t mean you’re the character. It could be your colleague, friend, acquaintance, or another client. The main Cell Phone Number List thing is that your character has those character traits and habits that are similar to the audience. If people see themselves in your character, the likelihood that your story will achieve its previously set goal increases. 5. Define the problem. In addition to being emotional, the character in your story must also be facing a serious problem. It should be as universal as possible, so that everyone who reads your story can say: “But I had the same thing!” Also be sure to include the location and time of the events.

 Structure your plot

Your story should be logical and coherent. Therefore, think through the plot, plot development, climax and denouement in advance. But don’t forget that America Data depending on the type of storytelling, you can rearrange these parts of the story as you need. 7. Show the result. This is what you create a story for. Your audience should see that the character’s problem has been resolved. Keep in mind that storytelling is not a fairy tale, and therefore at the end of the story the problem should not be solved instantly, but gradually, as in real life. Let’s practice storytelling: how a marketer can create a story. 

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