Toshiba TV Unveils New Large-Scale TV, AI Picture Optimizer

The latest AI model is exceptional in detecting detailed Toshiba TV scenes .Therefore such as night scenes, fireworks, combat sports. Therefore golf, football and more. It uses a specific image optimization process. For example, when it detects a combat sports scene. It reduces distortion and loss of contrast in harsh lighting conditions, creating an immersive sports arena experience.

AI developed scene detection Toshiba TV

The advanced Asia Phone Number List technology in the REGZA Engine ZR series dynamically optimizes high brightness and color. Therefore mapping based on detected scenes. It boosts brightness and saturation for selfie objects like fireworks. Therefore preserves the natural tones and depth of scenes with people. This optimization maximizes the performance of high brightness and wide color panels. providing reliable reproduction of reality.

Control the color height according to the scene

It takes audio processing from the America Data standard 2 channels to an impressive 8 channels. Individual optimization for each of the eight speakers . Taking into account factors such as frequency characteristics. Therefore sound pressure and time synchronization, improves the clarity and exact position of the sound. This results in true 5.1.2 surround sound that delivers a loud and rich audio experience.


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