Types of push notifications

Currently you can work with two main types of push notifications: Automated notifications They are those that are sent every time a user performs a specific action. But, first of all, you have to determine what the actuator or trigger will be. For example, a notification indicating that the purchasing process on a website or application has been completed successfully and when delivery will be made. The confirmation would be the trigger in this situation. Timely notifications There are situations in which it is necessary to make a shipment due

To an unexpected situation that

was not within your planning. These types of notifications are usually used to address a special promotion or an update on a product or service in your Mobile Phone Number catalog. Advantages of push notifications It is important to know that push notifications are not the same as text messages. Both arrive on a user’s mobile device and must adhere to a strict character limit. However, despite having similar characteristics, there are some marked differences. For example, push notifications are zero intrusive since the user themselves decides if they want to receive them and how to do so. Likewise, they have positive points that deserve to be considered: Economic cost. It makes a big difference. Many

also helps when it comes to the user's attitude

since they have full control over which applications send them notifications and can even specify what types of notifications they want from each US data  application. Text messages, however, are often unsolicited. Improve engagement. Likewise, user retention rates improve. Therefore, not only can they help drive concrete activity with the message, but they also help increase


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