Google My Business Photo Format Size Edit and Delete

Google My Business Photos Allow Users to Get an Idea. Of ​​your Businesses Before They Even Visit You. It is Therefore Essential to Add Photos That Highlight. You, Optimize Them and When Necessary, Delete Them in Order to Maintain. Control of Your Image. The Different Google My Business Photos. The Cover Photo the Cover Photo is an Essential. Element to Add to Your Business Descriptions. It Will Be the Showcase of Your Establishment and Potentially. The First Visible Photo, Directly Present at the Top of Your File.

Please note that it is not necessarily the first image highlighted on your files. Google will be able to select the most relevant images to highlight among your photos (added by you or your customers). However, by adding a cover photo, you will have a greater chance that your photo will be first and thus maintain control over your image. google my business cover photo The logo The logo is a good way for your customers to easily identify you , especially if you are a recognized brand.

This will allow you to differentiate yourself from

Your logo will be visible on the map, during a WhatsApp Number List search and directly on your establishment files. google my business logo Photos of your establishment On your business profile, it’s not just the logo and the cover photo that count.

It is important to include photos that will highlight your establishment . This will allow you to keep control of your image and not only have customer photos which may be less rewarding. Exterior Photos: Take photos of the exterior of your establishment from multiple angles so your prospects recognize it. We also recommend that you take photos at several times of the day and preferably on sunny days to benefit from good light. Interior photos:

Take photos of the interior of your point of sale so prospects

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The establishment as if they were there. Product Photos: Take photos of popular products in your store to show your prospects. google my business photos Image formats and sizes for your Google My Business photos What size and format for the photos?

Choose photos that appeal to your prospects and that truly reflect your point of sale. Your photos must be of good quality and in the appropriate format requested by Google. The image formats to favor on your establishment profile: Upload photos optimized for your natural referencing You may be wondering if Google My Business photos impact the SEO of your listings?


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