Studies show that companies are investing

While the Internet has largely been a visual medium, audio tools might be gaining ground soon.  more resources into voice search technologies and software. Similarly, audio applications are allowing for some unique new types of data collection and analysis. This article will examine some of the major trends and why businesses should take note. These also have grave implications for how voice search may factor into a company’s future SEO needs. Voice Search SEO & Optimization Grows As voice search and technologies like it grow.

The ability to use Google through assistants

Like Alexa and Siri has caused growth in voice search technologies, particularly as hands-free devices while driving. As with all things in digital marketing, this has Italy Telegram Number Data opened up new forms of SEO and data gathering. Companies are even setting up voice search optimization services to aid firms in charting this new trend. Apparently Google users use voice search for their search engine needs. Additionally voice searches rank in the top three positions for a particular question.


What this means is that voice search

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A competitive field aiming for a quarter of all people using Google. Voice Search Device Usage Here are some easy ways to optimize for Voice Search:Sadly, this is less likely to happen as all the major companies have their hands in different voice technologies. Apple has Siri, Amazon has Alexa, and so on. This also means that Venezuela phone number database you need to optimize for different assistants. For voice search, registrations for different related applications can be necessary. So here’s a rundown of where differences can arise between these voice assistants. Siri captures 36% market share for voice search.


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