Google Assistant also has 36% of the market share

Since Apple owns Siri, Apple affiliate software like Apple Maps connects to it. Similarly, Apple Maps has no review function but rather obtains reviews from Yelp. Optimize for these two and it helps your Siri searches. . Optimization works in a similar way: optimize on Google Maps and Google My Business and you’ll be good. Alexa has 70% market share for speakers, so it’s a crucial market. For Alexa, you need to optimize Yelp, Yext, and Alexa’s own local search. Chat Assistants & Voice Chat Bots On the other side of the coin, you can always have your own chatbots and chat assistants.

Such digital assistants can run your customers

Through the common problems that they might face. Work chat-bots and conversational AIs can be handy as they save a Google Assistant also has lot of manpower. So, how can these help in SEO? Companies can repurpose the most popular queries from their chatbots and Japan Telegram Number Data turn them into FAQ pages. This can save a lot of time for less chat-savvy customers and can cover the important ground for a lot of search queries. If customers are asking a chatbot, they are most certainly asking Google as well.


AI Voice Recognition Voice Search

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AI Tech AI voice recognition is getting more and more powerful as time goes on. One of the areas this has been prominent is voice recognition biometrics for security. However, this may also help AI cater to customer needs Vietnam phone number database more efficiently. Imagine instead of using separate Netflix accounts or computer profiles, voice biometrics can rapidly inform a computer who you are and have it pull up your Google Assistant also has recommended user experience and preferred content without being told. This could lead to better cataloguing of customer preferences and could streamline applications that are dependent on multiple users.


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