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Desk is a customer support case processing system that offers automated case management, a knowledge base and a customer self-service portal. Interestingly, the name ‘Faveo’ is derived from the Latin meaning ‘to favor’, reflecting the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction. Faveo Help Desk Homepage – Customer-centric open source application processing software Source Faveo Helpdesk features You can connect Faveo Helpdesk with Facebook, X (Twitter), WhatsApp, MSG91 and Microsoft Active Directory to improve the functionality of the software.

Below are some of the built-in features

Faveo Help Desk offers: Application workflow Prepared answers Application Volume Trend Report Internal notes Built-in knowledge base Several terms of the service level agreement (SLA). Pros and Cons Pluses Responsive and simple user interface Reliable and knowledgeable support Advanced customization options Minuses It can be difficult to Korea Phone Number Data install on a non-Ubuntu OS Some configuration options can be difficult to understand The management of the menu and administrative part can be a bit confusing for new users Faveo Helpdesk prices The pricing policy is a bit complicated. Faveo Helpdesk offers two main variants: Faveo Self Hosted and Faveo Cloud.

The Self-Hosted Help Desk category has 4 subcategories

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Help Desk – Permanent, Help Desk – Permanent, Help Desk – Periodic, Help Desk – Periodic. Each of them has 4 price packages. Help Desk – Ongoing: Help Desk Freelancer is free, Help Desk Startup is a one-time payment of $691, Help Desk SME is Belize Phone Number Database a one-time payment of $1382, and Help Desk Enterprise, for which you should contact the Faveo team. Service Desk – Ongoing: Servicedesk Freelancer is free, Servicedesk Startup is a one-time fee of $1,469, Servicedesk SME is a one-time fee of $2,938, and Servicedesk Enterprise, for which you should contact the Faveo team.



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