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Avoiding agent overlap Customer portal Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Advanced search Pros and Cons Pluses The system is widely customizable It comes with self-hosted help desk and cloud hosting options The system is easy to install and use Minuses Some file types are not supported as attachments The interface is a bit outdated The release of new versions is a bit slow osTicket prices The software is available as an open source solution that is free, as well as a cloud-hosted option starting at $12 per agent per month.

software also offers a wide range of customization

There is also a Virtual Device for which you need to contact the osTicket team to find out its price. The cloud-hosted version comes with a 30-day free trial to try it out. Expert opinion OSTicket is a solid open source application processing software that I find quite India Mobile Number Data useful in managing customer service requests. Its user-friendly interface is one of its strongest arguments. The  options, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs. However, even though OSTicket is feature-rich, it has quite a steep learning curve, especially for the non-tech-savvy.

The lack of a comprehensive user guide

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tutorial also adds to the challenge of getting started with this software. In terms of performance, OSTicket is mostly reliable, but there are occasional slowdowns and hangs, especially when dealing with a large volume of applications. This can be frustrating, especially Belgium phone number database during peak business hours when prompt response to customer inquiries is critical. Despite these shortcomings, OSTicket remains a good choice for companies looking for an open source application processing solution.


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