Amazfit is launching the Galaxy Ring with the launch of its Helio Ring

Samsung is expected to enter the smart ring .Therefore Amazfit is launching space with the widely rumored Galaxy Ring . But while the company is working on its product .Therefore others are pushing it to market. Amazift has now entered the smart ring market with the Helio Ring. Therefore unlike the likes of Oura Ring 3. During CES 2024, Amazfit announced the new Helio Ring.

Amazift has now entered the smart ring market Amazfit is launching

The ring is made of titanium Fax Lists alloy and weighs less .Therefore than 4 grams. It is designed to be worn all day and can complement existing Amazfit smartwatches .Therefore and integrate your data on the two products in the Zepp app or work independently of them. The ring has a water resistance of 10ATM. So you can wear it during any kind of exercise. Amazfit Helio Ring 2 Like other smart rings .Therefore the Helio Ring offers sleep tracking, sports recovery stats .

Zepp Aura relaxation and wellness service .

Standard stats like heart rate, blood oxygen, and stress. It also has a America Data Fitness Score that takes into account . Your sleep quality and physical activity to tell you if you should be pushing your limits . Therefore or taking it easy. The subscription is linked to Zepp’s new Aura AI relaxation and wellness service .Which plays ambient sounds while you sleep and adjusts the sounds based on your body’s response. Other features of the service include weekly and monthly fitness reports.


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