Inbound Marketing has manage to position itself as one of the main marketing trends around the world. But why has it stood out so much from other marketing trends. Inbound-marketing-revolution-2018 Mainly I find one answer. For many years, people around the world have been increasingly saturat with communication and advertising. Imagine this: 9 out of 10 consumers declare themselves against advertising. And not only that, some estimates that we receive between 3,000 and 5,000 advertising impacts daily. Of which only 3% are remembere by an average consumer. Yes, only 3%! This means that if your brand is doing outbound advertising it is probably throwing money away. Be careful, I am generalizing, I understand that there are cases where the previous comment does not apply. 

Inbound Marketing as an answer

However, this is a very wrong view. Digital advertising is also in crisis. Do you know anyone who finds value in all the mass emails (SPAM). That we receive every day. Do you know anyone who enjoys pop-ups with advertising on Internet pages or blogs? Me neither. Other Phone Number Database important data: according to the IAB , the use of AdBlockers grew 30% globally in 2016. This means that 615 million devices are using it, and that number will grow much more in 2018. For people who are not familiar with AdBlockers, they are basically extensions of the main browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) that allow you to block almost all advertising. Can you imagine the impact worldwide? Some marketing professionals call it the “end of digital advertising.” I think they are exaggerating, however, it is a very important trend to consider for the coming years. 

The problem of Inbound Marketing

Nobody wants to receive advertising and mechanisms are being create to block it.Due to this situation, Inbound Marketing was born in 2007 as a response to this problem. The term is invente by the founders of Hubspot , one of the most important marketing clouds America data worldwide. Inbound Marketing differs from a conventional digital marketing strategy for a few key reasons. The way to attract prospects is through quality content, which generates value. Priority is given to channels that are as least invasive as possible for the audience. For example: SEO, social networks, etc. Unlike traditional content marketing. There is a methodology to generate customers and measure ROI accurately. These previous points the way of doing digital marketing for many industries.


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