Google’s Web Manager guidelines

The Stars and Cash Cows need to be kept going, Question Marks need to be further analyzed and given room to grow, while Dogs should be put to rest. From here, companies can determine whether they need to maintain their current strategy or especially with heading tags Analyze the keywords for each URL which is ranking within the top 20-50 SERPs so you can find the keywords to add to your articles Organize the keywords for each URL look for a means of engaging in differentiation positioning. Differentiation positioning requires a product to counter the attributes of its competitors and carve out a niche. A competitor or competitive gap analysis is a great way of putting your company in the context of the competition to identify gaps in search engines.

Competitor Gap Analysis in Content Marketing

Use a content analysis tool to export all the keywords your competition ranks in The only rows you need to pay attention to are Keyword, Ranking, Search Volume, and URL Rearrange the list to emphasize URLs to find the content that is ranking high in terms of KWs Greece Telegram Number Data Examine the content and URLs to determine the topics that are being written about, by  to include in your article Utilize a keyword research tool to find additional keywords pertaining to the topic that can be used to expand on the competitor’s article Using the keywords, you can tailor an article that exceeds your competitor’s work .

Search volume as well as long-tail keywords

Telegram Number Data

Repeat the process for other competitors Tools for Analyzing Competition Pricing & Content Once you know what type of analysis you need most, it can be important to collect and organize the data. There are a number of tools that can help with your competitor pricing analysis with different benefits and focuses: Luminate Market Price: Market price monitor Tunisia phone number database form Prisync: Competitor Price monitoring platform PROS: Cloud solutions that accelerate sales and provide pricing strategies In terms of content, Google Analytics is great for setting benchmarks and analyzing traffic. Once you’ve identified your competitor’s prominent channels, , monitor SEO, perform PPC competitor analysis, and provide ideas for your own channels.


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