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A good monthly dissatisfaction rate for larger SaaS companies is 2%. Which is the average dissatisfaction rate for larger SaaS companies. The average annual dissatisfaction rate is between 32% and 50%. Smaller companies or startups tend to experience higher churn rates. Averaging 10-15% per month, as they still find their footing in the market. These numbers are considered acceptable levels of dissatisfaction for SaaS companies, but of course, remember. The lower the level of dissatisfaction, the better. Therefore, ask your customers for feedback often and use this. How to reduce customer dissatisfaction.

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Be in close contact with your with your customers through the various platforms available like email, live chat. Social media and informing them about upcoming updates and special offers will make them feel appreciated. Providing excellent customer service can help reduce Oman WhatsApp Number Data customer dissatisfaction. Ensure that the customer support team is also ready to help customers deal with their problems and answer their questions to the best of their ability. Customer service analysis – illustration This can be something you can use to differentiate yourself from your competition and stand out.

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Target the right audience Your  to your target audience in order for your business to grow, because if you focus on the wrong group of potential customers. The risk of them becoming disaffected quickly is high. This can be easily done by taking the time to segment Nigeria phone number database your customers and making sure you know exactly who your target audience is. Educate your existing customers It is important that customers get the most out of the product and understand. All the features the product has to offer. To achieve this, invest in training, learning tools and customer support that will help them gain a full understanding.



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