The importance of on-page SEO cannot be understated

However, if you’re looking for conversions, a higher ratio of page visits per session is probably better. On-Page SEO Elements . Here are the basics that you need to cover: Title Tags: Appropriate titles where necessary. Main Keyword should be at the beginning Titles should be shorter than 50 characters but also shouldn’t exceed 70. The importance of on-page Meta descriptions: A meta description with the right keywords is crucial for SEO. Generally should be around 155 characters. Header tags: Give your page proper structure with headlines. The keyword should not be in over 75% of sub-headings (over-optimization penalises the website).

Image names should be appropriately related

Image SEO: . Alt text should contain keywords. Aside from SEO, image sizes can help maintain page speed. Product Page Optimization Tips The best practices for product pages can streamline your customer’s journey and lead to easy purchases. Here are a few Iran Telegram Number Data tips for copywriting and content marketing for web design pertaining to product pages: Product descriptions: Clear descriptions that include the importance of on-page  category and what needs the product solves. This helps sell the product to the customer and helps them find it via a search engine when you use the right keywords (or compare it to similar products).

High-quality images and visual design

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Don’t just show the product and list features, illustrate them. Use graphs, infographics, and demonstration videos. Trust signals: As mentioned in the key components section, testimonials, case studies, and customer reviews build trust. Appropriate UK phone number database Text Spacing: The page shouldn’t look cluttered and all the information should be properly titled, so customers can find it. Pievienot CTA: Use buttons, slogans, and catchy phrases to entice the customer. Contact info: Let the customer know where they can find out more info about the product or contact a sales rep.



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