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Analysis which Always rirect your followers to your website, social mia, or product catalog. But remember. To use links sparingly, a newsletter overload.  With links will not be well receiv by your reader. OTHER BIG MISTAKES Do not include an unsubscribe link in your email campaign : at the bottom of every email, the recipient should always have the. Option to unsubscribe. This option must be visible and configur so that the user who wishes to unsubscribe can do so easily. If at the moment you no longer. Want to receive news, do it simple, unsubscribe from your contact list, do not cause frustration and mark yourself as spam.

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Spam Send trash to people they don’t know. Email marketing is a loyalty tool, not a Phone Number Data search for new customers. Don’t lose confidence in your contact list by sending content that doesn’t help you Too much content: too many prices, too much information that when you receive an email you already know everything. Not analyzing the results: You can easily review one campaign or another, but you will know its effectiveness only if you check its results. Without analyzing open rate , click-through rate, and unsubscribe rate, you won’t be able to optimize future campaigns.

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So you can test how the design looks on a mobile phone, verifying that you don’t have broken links, that the calls to action are correctly executing what you intend, or any format-relat issues. No testing, on mobile, on a Mac. computer, etc…. And test in different users of email.  Clients like Outlook or Gmail, remember that each email client has different ways of representing an email. To avoid this, you should use a responsive America Data newsletter builder , like the one offer by Mailpro, where you.  Can easily assemble your newsletter. No Links : We often see newsletters without links in the content, these people are missing a golden opportunity.


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