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Your personal Must make. A test deliveryto of your work looks on a mobile phoneverifying. That you don’t have broken linksthat the calls to action are correctly executing what you intendor any format-relat issues. No testingon mobileon a Mac computeretc And test in different users of email clients like Outlook or Gmailremember that each email client has different ways of representing an email.

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OTHER BIG MISTAKES Do not include. An unsubscribe link in your email campaign : at the DB to Data bottom of every emailthe. Recipient should always have the option to unsubscribe. and configur so that the user who wishes to unsubscribe can do so easily. If at the moment you no longer want to receive newsdo it simpleunsubscribe from your contact listdo not cause frustration and mark yourself as spam.

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Don’t neglect your statisticsbecause they are the most. Valuable information America Data your campaign can provide you. If you have made any of these mention mistakes with your email marketing don’t mistakes and make them so you can fix the details to make your next email marketing campaign successful.THE IMPORTANCE OF KNOWING BADMAIL OR BOUNCE RATE.

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